Grand Stories

Do you remember your very first story? The one your Mom and Dad told you when you had your eyes wide open, that transported you to another world. The story that made you dream in color, turning you into a hero.                           

That’s what we do… we write

Since mankind's inception, stories have been a universal communication tool.

70% of our knowledge comes directly from stories.

Stories allow us to improve and move ahead.

Stories give us a "key to catch the world,"

to understand who we are.

Stories are part of our lives from our childhood to our adulthood.

"Since the dawn of humanity, I truly believe that grand stories have helped to understand, shape and make the world a better place. That's why I founded ScreenPower and the Creative Highway— to write stories bigger than ourselves."

-Didier Ernotte

Founder & CEO, ScreenPower

The Truth About Movies: Time, Creativity, And Money Is Being Wasted

20,000 scripts. 300 hundred movies. And yet…not all are good.


Hundreds of people involved: agents, studios, producers, actors…all searching for a great script. Half a billion dollars invested each year in optioning books or developing new scripts.  Half a billion dollars and only three hundred movies.

Houston, we have a problem…

The Producer's Lonely Quest: Why Some Stories Flop While Others Succeed.

Being a producer is challenging. A producer is the driving force, the power who has to lead a creative team composed of many different people with different skill-sets and personalities in order to turn an idea into a movie. The writing process is just the beginning of that journey and it often swiftly turns into a nightmare. Our process and methodology are the best way to help the producer, to ease the way, to save precious time and avoid a long and frustrating path. 

The Creative Highway: A New Methodology For Telling Grand, Successful Stories

This process was discovered by Robert Diltz, whose fundamental principles are told in his famous book collection, “The Strategy of the Genius.” Diltz analyzed Mozart, Da Vinci, Aristotle, Disney, Einstein and others to lay out how they worked and how they achieved such amazing results. The beauty of Diltz’s process is that it can be used in whatever field of expertise.  Our entire method of work is based on Diltz’s principles. It may seem easy, but it’s not. This method requires outstanding discipline and a sense of humility. 

The Power Of Cross-Cultural Storytelling (And How It Can Make You More $$)

The world is shrinking: today, the audience of movies and TV series are worldwide, and it is a sine qua non-condition to make the content viable.


Today, people like to learn about foreign cultures; they like movies and TV shows based on local cultures, but with a story that remains universal.


Our worst enemy is the cliché— we don’t buy a French cop acting like a US marshal. Having a team composed of a mix of genders, ages, cultures and nationalities helps us greatly to dig deeper, to write stories beyond the cliché and to affect our audience by teaching them something new.

The ScreenPower Roadmap: How Producers Can Minimize Their Risk With Systemized Story Development

Our method of work is not a magic bullet, but a complex process based on four elements: the dramaturgy, the Creative Highway, the mastery of cross-cultural teams of writers, and a rigorous method of writing. This method took years of sometimes painful experience.

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