• Didier Ernotte

Great Stories Are All About a Point of View

Countless movies are well written, well structured, have interesting characters and an original plot. Still, there’s something missing. When we’re watching these types of films we’re not disappointed – the job is done – but we’re not surprised either and we tend to quickly forget about them.

The missing piece – what makes the difference between a good story and an unforgettably great story – lies in the point of view the story portrays. This point of view brings colors, authenticity, and a true vision of the world. In a nutshell, the point of view expresses the “big picture” of a work.

Want an example? The show, The Wire, could have been a cop thriller like thousands of others, but... there is a twist brought by the bigger picture. The amazing work of Ed Burns and David Simon to use a cop’s story to share a critical vision of the American Dream’s failure turned the show into a masterpiece.

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