• Didier Ernotte

Show vs. Intensity

In the blue corner, boasting 90 million dollars, the bold, the beautiful, the Netflix hero: MAAAARCOOO POOOLLOOOOO”.... The public bursts into raucous cheers.

In the red corner, weighing a merely 20 million euros, the dark, the intense, the emotional BROOOAAADCHUUUURCH”.... The public claps politely.

Two rounds, er-- two seasons later, Marco Polo lies on the floor, beaten and bruised by D.A Hardy’s Broadchurch. The producer throws in the towel. And that’s the end of the story for that very ambitious series-- stopped after only two seasons.

However, Marco Polo had the legs to do 10 seasons, easy, with themes similar to House of Cards, historical context... all of it was original and attractive, to say the least. They also had the benefit of a big budget and a great international cast. Let alone the fact that Netflix has a huge commercial power. But...

Loosing your narrative structure, a slow rythm, a main character without a clear and strong goal, and resultingly, you end up with a dramatic lack of emotion...

Netflix’s response ... THE CROWN...

A pure Netflix show weighing in 132 millions euros, but this time with a huge emotional impact. It’s one of the best series ever and a famous contender for Alec Hardy and D.A Miller. Who will survive? Both I hope, because in this case the winner is the audience!

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