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"There is no better writing team to structure a screenplay, and their creativity seems limitless!"


- Patrick Vandenbosch, Belga Films

"Sharp, creative, and with a very strong work methodology. Scriptwriting is at its best with ScreenPower!"


- Jean-Jacques Neira, Fontana Productions

"ScreenPower"? It sounds like super heroes… I must say I’ve been particularly impressed… We all know what it means living deeply in a script… and being sometimes confused. For my step outline they’ve been sincerely available, reactive, hard workers and efficient. It’s been a pleasure. They moved my film a big step further.


- Xavier Mairesse, Director


The Lift (2018) English Feel good movie. Protozoa Pictures / Scott Franklin – Jean-Jacques Neira , Dir. Xavier Mairesse Step Outline.

The Tea Thief (2017). English original feature movie. Historical Drama. In search of producer.

Salad Days (2017) French Script-doctoring & Rewriting. Comedy. Artemis / Patrick Quinet. Dir. Olias Barco. Financing status.

Escapada (2017) Français. Rewriting. Arthouse Movie Artemis / Patrick Quinet. Dir. Sarah Hirtt. In post-production.

La Somme De Nos Voix (2017) French Rewriting Arthouse movie. Artemis / Patrick Quinet. Dir. Bernard Bellefroid. Treatment.

Si… (2016) French original feature film. Comedy. In search of producer.

Le Principe de Lucifer (2015) French original feature film. Tragedie Team.

In search of producer. Comedy. Nexus Film Treatment.

The Liberian Girl (2015) English original feature movie. Sci-Fi. Saga Films / Hubert Toint. Dir. Hubert Toint. Financing status.

Motel (2014)  English. Adaptation. Réécriture. Thriller romantique. Belga Studio / Patrick Vandenbosh. Financing status.

T V Series

ADELE (2017)

French TV Show Series

4 episodes of 52

Script-doctoring and co-writing.

Everlasting Prod. Director: Michele Gaeta.

4 episodes showcased in 2018 on BETV / RTL TVI.

Book Adaptations

The Book Of Death (Le livre de la mort)

(2018) English Adaptation. Thriller Opus 3 from Bourbon Kid Trilogy - Belga Studio / Patrick Vandenbosh -Step Outline


(2018) Broadway Musical. WMK Productions / Willette Klausner in pre-production.

The Eye Of The Moon

(2017) English. Adaptation. Thriller. Opus 2 de la trilogie du Bourbon Kid Belga Studio / Patrick Vandenbosh Dir. Pierre Morel. 

The Book with No Name (Le Livre sans Nom)

(2016) English Adaptation. Thriller Opus 1 from Bourbon Kid Trilogy - Belga Studio / Patrick Vandenbosh Dir. Pierre Morel. Pre-production

Enstein's Enigma

(2016) (La Formule de Dieu). English. Adaptation. Scientific Thriller  Belga Studios / Patrick Vandenbosh. Financing status

The Yellow Mark

(2014) English . Scriptdoctoring. Adaptation of famous comic book. Belga Studio / Patrick Vandenbosh. Dir.: Alex de la Iglesia. Treatment

Script Doctoring

Parc (2018) French, Script-doctoring & Rewriting, Wild Tribe Film , Dir. Olias Barco Step Outline.

Mantra (2018) English. Script-doctoring of a feature movie. Liquid Media Group

L’Aviatrice (2017) French Script-doctoring of a feature film. Nord Ouest Production

Savage Highway. (2016) English. Script-doctoring. Science Fiction Thriller. Humanoid Inc / Terence Chang – Fabrice Giger. Dir. Abel Ferry

Panic (2015) English. Script-doctoring. Thriller. Belga Studio / Patrick Vandenbosh Dir. Todd Komarnicki

Testament (2014) English. Script-doctoring. Science Fiction Thriller. Voltage Pictures Dir. Eric Bresse

Cubitus (2013). Français. Adaptation d’une bande dessinée. Film familial, comédie. Nexus Film Treatment.

Operation Lune (2013) . Français. Scriptdoctoring. Nexus Film / Sylvain Goldberg

Aux Armes (2013), etc… Français Scriptdoctoring. Nexus Film Réal: Laure Hassan

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